Friday, December 11, 2009

Powerful PowerPoint software

I am looking forward to listening to your guy's presentation tonight. I learned a lot from wonderful presentations which all of you presented last time. I still remembered that when I learned this software first time in China, I almost spent over twenty hours to prepare my lectures and figured out the main functions I could used. So far, I have used this software for my presentation for many years since I entered to the university in U.S. I deeply agreed that the cultural impact of this software influences a lot for many people in different fields, especially it reflects to use of giving presentation. It is obivous that the ease of use of presentation software can save a lot of time for people who want to provide many types of visual aid and also encourages those who want to use viusal aids to make presentation. I think that all of us may have experience to apply PowerPoint's style to make our presentation more powerful to the audiences such as "animation" and "multimedia."

The another benefit of this software is mainly reflected that it is not only a useful tool for introductory lectures, but it is also has many functions that allow us to make very noticable lectures in the class. Therefore, PowerPoint software is more effective for learner and user to prersent their wonderful presentation than traditional presentation methods.

Good luck for everyone!

Friday, November 27, 2009

New Phone, New feeling

It was worth it to wait one more week to get a new cell phone w/free bluetooth on black Friday. Now I feel so happy that I can text my friends and my family members using the qwerty keyboard on my phone. For me, technology is amazing based on the fact that it can shorten the distance between two people even if they are far away from each other. Wherever I go, wherever I am, I could get a message or send a message when I need to, that's why technology can make people far away from you seem as if they were right next to you. This time, I switched my cell phone program from sprint to verizon and selected unlimited text family plan. Right now I feel very convienent to send a message and have different feeling from sending an email by using a laptop. Everything needs to try, then you will feel the difference. Tomorrow, I will go to buy a ipod or mp3. Even I haven't made a final decision which one I will buy, I don't want to miss two-day on sale. Anyway, I am exciting when I use technology in my daily life.

Friday, October 16, 2009

About Reading Materials

Recent two weeks reading assignments really helped me know how technology play a significant role in education. Before I read those articles, I never thought about these issues thoughtfully, just use computer or internet as a tool or resource to assist work. After reading these papers, I came to realize how important for teachers to master the technology integrating in their class and get skilled technology training in order to feel comfortable to utilize technology in their teaching. However, one thing I still didn't get the answer when is proper to apply the computer software into the teaching process and students get more interesting on the topics they are learning. what I think is that technology is a service tool for the teaching and learning. How to approach the best results and effective teaching are critical thinking for each teacher or learners.

Friday, September 11, 2009

seond time to set my blog

I just want to re-fresh my brain to test whether I remembered how to create the own blog or not. It is not bad, I made it. I will teach my family members to create their won blog. In the next step, I will learn how to make the different background of the blog instead of using their sample.